Why Sell your property with Carberry Realty?

We Achieve Higher Selling Prices faster, at significantly lower Costs

You will get a Premium Service from Experienced Agents

How do we achieve high sale prices ?

We work hard on the basics in real estate: presentation, marketing strategy, inspections , negotiating.

We have a lot of experience on how best to present your property to make it more attractive to buyers. We advise you on how to tweak your property to make it the most appealing.

Our high impact marketing programs are designed specifically around your property, location and budget. You get maximum value for each dollar spent. We draw on every resource possible to get in front of
the maximum number of potential buyers.

We make sure we open for inspection at the best times to attract the most prospects , and open for longer. We make sure all prospects are followed up immediately after inspections.

As experienced negotiators, we work hard at getting the buyer up to the highest price for you. Not just to get a sale over the line. We will leave no money on the table as the negotiations conclude.

Why is our sales commission lower than other agents ?

We think agent commissions today are substantially over inflated and do not represent value for the vendor.

We believe the real estate industry is heading for its own ” UBER ” moment and sky high commissions based on rising property prices will soon be disrupted. We choose to position ourselves now at a fair value fee for selling a property. We intend to be still in business in the years to come when ultimately property owners realise they do not need to pay the excessive commissions being charged.

We attract more and more clients who agree that selling real estate is a process and not anchored to some agents ego and profile. A high price and successful sale is about doing the job well and being paid fairly for it.

We run our business profitably with an eye to watch our overheads and do not pay franchise or affiliate fees. Those lower costs are passed back to our clients which makes our offering very competitive. Our business is being built for the future where fat commission will be gone.

What really distinguishes us from the average agents ?

Our experience. The directors and sales people at Carberry have been on both sides of the sales transaction many times. As a vendor and as a selling agent. We know what it feels
like as the owner paying inflated commissions to people doing a mediocre job who often have never been in the owners shoes.

The real estate sales industry is now crowded with many thousands of young agents all pitching for listings as it is so profitable. Many have actually never owned a property themselves let alone dozens. We know what a competent, professional sales person should do and how important the communication and dialogue with the vendor is. Constant, open and honest feed back is crucial.

Knowing your market, valuations and being across the best marketing methods, the best way to present a property, great photos, how to hold open inspections that really engage with visitors and when it comes to negotiating, doing it with the experience of what you know serves the owners best interests.

In a nutshell, we genuinely believe we can achieve the best outcome possible for you at the time and save you thousands of dollars in commission.

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