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At Carberry Realty, we want to bring value and service back to Real Estate Sales and Rentals.

We are committed to doing an excellent job for a fair fee with honesty and integrity.

When real estate commissions were deregulated, major real estate agencies put them up. Property prices rose so the real estate agents earned significantly more and charged owners far more than what they had previously.

At Carberry we feel there is a disconnect between what property owners are paying for sales and rental services today and what could be called fair compensation. We want to offer our clients significantly more value compared to what other Brisbane and Gold Coast agencies are offering with greater professionalism, ethics and honesty. At a fair commission.

Real estate sales and rentals is not rocket science , it is mostly hard work and paying attention to the detail. High flying agents, often earning up to a million dollars, will tell you that they are worth the huge commissions and you pay for what you get. That is simply not factual. EG : Agent John lists a house in X street for $500,000 and gets paid a $15,000 commission. He lists another house in X street for $1,000,000 and gets paid a $30,000 commission. Does the owner of the $500,000 house get half as good service and
price outcome as the owner of the $1,000,000 house ? You would hope not but that is the basis of the argument for sky high commissions based on a percentage of sales from the large franchised agents.

At Carberry , we wanted to reset the idea of what is fair value for our services and felt 1.9 % commission was right. We are committed to providing the best possible results for our clients by working for them to achieve the highest selling prices and rentals possible in the shortest period of time.

We use modern, high-impact marketing, including all internet mediums , social media, databases and our many contacts to obtain the maximum sale price or rental from the market. The combination of the maximum sale price with the low fees, means you’ll be leaving nothing on the table and you can be confident that you have indeed achieved the best possible result.

You have our word, we will act with honesty and integrity at all times. There will be no high pressure manipulative tactics, saying anything or promising an unachievable valuation just to get a listing. No over-quoting or under-selling . We offer professional, friendly, genuine service and a no-nonsense approach to selling or renting your property.

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