Why choose Carberry Realty to manage your property ?

We Achieve Higher Rents with no vacancies at significantly lower fees

You will get a Premium Service from an Experienced Property Manager

How do we achieve a higher rent for your property?

We guarantee to give you extraordinary service and achieve the highest selling price or rental rates without charging excessive commissions.

Full access to information is available to both Landlords and Tenants to our Property Tree Payments Portal.

Get all the current information any time of the day or night.

No waiting until “we get back to the office” to give you an answer.

We’re a Brisbane/Gold Coast agency providing a full service that is committed to obtaining the best results possible for you the owners.



How do we find and select the right tenant?

It goes with out saying that a rental property can be a breeze or a nightmare depending upon what sort of tenant you have in it. As experienced property managers we have fine tuned the tenant prospecting process to be able to attract the high quality tenants prepared to pay a good rental rate.

Adverting and marketing your property correctly is vital to get it in front of the type of tenant you want to attract. We list our properties with all the online portals as well we accumulate a pre qualified list of prospective tenants. We vet the tenants and run a 21 point check on each and every one. Full background and rental history checks are done as well. We will interview and look for the flags that we know make the difference between a good long term tenant and a problem one.

We assist the tenants with getting the services connected and maintain a regular communication with them to ensure we are

What really distinguishes us from other property managers?

Our experience. The directors and property manager at Carberry have been both property owners and managers many times. We know what it feels like as the owner paying letting fees to people doing a mediocre job who seem to feel the owner is more of an irritation and an inconvenience than the reason they have a job.

The property management industry has many young managers and BDMs all pitching for rental listings and make many promises. Most have never actually owned a rental property themselves let alone dozens. We know what a competent, professional property manager should do and how important regular communication and dialogue with the landlord is. Constant, regular feedback and information is so important.

We know current rental values and use the best marketing methods, the best way to present property with great photos, and hold open inspections that really engage with prospective tenants. We will select the best tenant and manage the property as if it was ours and always look after it in the owners best interests.

Full Access to the information is available to both Landlords and Tenants to our Property Tree Payments Portal. Get all the current information and time of the day or night.
No waiting until “we get back to the office” to give you an answer.

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