• Achieving Higher Rents at Lower Costs
  • Premium Service from Experienced Property Managers
  • High-level of Communication and Updates
  • Regular Inspections to Protect Your Property
  • Free Professional Photos to Attract the Best Tenants 


Premium Service – Experienced Agents – Low Rate



Designed specifically around your property and location, our marketing draws on every resource possible to get your property in front of the maximum number of potential tenants.

Tenant Selection

As experienced property managers, we work hard at getting the highest rent with the best most suitable tenant. Not just to get any tenant in for you but the best tenant possible.

Property Management

We know from personal experience how important it is to not let slack or inexperienced property managers or unreliable tenants undermine your rental returns.

Documentation & Management

We handle all of the lease documentation, routine inspections and day to day management. We will ensure your property is managed and cared for as if it was our own.

“After switching to Carberry Rentals , we cannot say enough good things about how well our property is being managed compared to what we experienced with one of the big agents. We had a new tenant in 4 days , at a higher rent , with a 20 % drop in letting fees. We get constant updates and communication about our unit and inspections are done regularly. We are so pleased we made the switch.”

Maureen Donovan


We guarantee to give you extraordinary service and achieve the highest rental returns without charging excessive commissions.

We’re an experienced real estate agency providing a full service that is committed to protecting your asset and obtaining the best results possible for you, the owners. process will save you time, money and stress.


Super Charged Marketing

Our cost effective marketing campaigns are designed to get fast results and attract multiple tenants.

Personalised Service

Our focus is 100 % on ensuring that your experience is second to none. We are in touch with you every step of the way.

Negotiating Skills

We will bring you quality tenants and achieve the highest rents possible for your investment property.


Experienced team of property professionals with a track record of saving our clients’ time and money.


We offer a low rate with no hidden extras. Remember we can save you money on your property purchase.

Lower Fees, More $ For You

Commission from 6.5% rentals is a fairer rate and can save you thousands of $$.


How do we find and select the right tenant?

As experienced property managers we have fine-tuned the tenant prospecting process to be able to attract the high quality tenants prepared to pay a good rental rate. We list our properties with all the online portals as well we accumulate a pre-qualified list of prospective tenants. We vet the tenants and run a 21-point check on each and every one. Full background and rental history checks are done as well. We will interview and look for the flags that we know make the difference between a good long-term tenant and a problem one.

How do we achieve higher rent for your property?

We work hard on the basics in property management – top marketing strategy, tenant selection and vetting, inspections, documentation, day to day management.

We draw on every resource possible to get your property in front of the maximum number of potential tenants.

As experienced property managers we work hard at getting the highest rent with the best most suitable tenant. Not just to get any tenant in for you but the best tenant possible. We will ensure your property is manage and cared for as if it was our own.

What really distinguishes us from other property managers?

Our experience. The directors and property manager at Carberry have been both property owners and managers many times. We know what it feels like as the owner paying letting fees to people doing a mediocre job who seem to feel the owner is more an irritation and an inconvenience than the reason they have a job.

We know what a competent, professional property manager should do and how important the regular communication and dialogue with the landlord is. We will select the best tenant and manage the property as if it was ours and always look after it in the owner’s best interests.

Can you sell my investment property?

When the time comes, we can assist with selling your investment property. As a full service agency, we can partner with you in all of your real estate transactions. We will bring you quality buyers and achieve the highest possible price, thereby maximising your investment.


Ten kilometres inland from Helensvale and south of Kingsholme and Wilow Vale, Wongawallan is one of the suburbs on the Gold Coast that is all about a serene rural lifestyle detached from the busy and glamorous life down the pacific coast.

The name Wongawallan is first recorded in 1989 and is believed to derive from the aboriginal words wonga for pigeon and walla for water. The suburb has a population of 1,103.

Situated on the north side of Wongawallan is Mount Wongawallan which is a conservation area part of Darlington Range. The area has large acreages of mature forest and rare flora and fauna. With its beautiful parklands and rare animal species, Wongawallan boasts unparalleled greenery that invites residents to enjoy outside activities.

The housing options in Wongawallan are mostly comprised of high-end homes with sweeping views situated on the rolling hills, close to nature, where locals can enjoy an abundance of native birds and gorgeous sunsets. Wongawallan offers also country style homes, vast acreage properties, 5-bedroom homes with wide verandas and fantastic detached retreats. Most of the properties are new and have a modern design. Rental property managers in Wongawallan advise the letting rate in Wongawallan is usually around 1.7%.

The area of Wongawallan is surrounded by the impressive creek valleys – Wongawallan Creek and Tamborine Creek. The terrain is mountainous with farming and residential developments stretching on the rolling hills of Wongawallan.

A short drive away from Wongawallan is Pimpama City Shopping Centre. There is a great variety of shops, groceries and cafes as well as numerous restaurants.

The friendly and warm neighbours have established a great community in Wongawallan that allows everyone to enjoy their intimacy. Privacy, peace, and tranquillity are guaranteed among the locals.

Families with kids will make a great decision if they settle in Wongawallan because of its proximity to the lovely bushwalks in the local state forest that guarantee beautiful childhood for the kids.


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